Everything I’ve Learned About Building a Developer Community

I’ve given 2 talks in the last 6 months about building developer communities, and I’ve received good feedback each time. So, I’ve decided to take this talk and put it into blog post format. This is what I’ve learned in the last couple of years about building developer communities. If you prefer to watch or…More

Manufacturing & Intellectual Dark Matter

In America, most of us are very removed from the production of physical stuff. Because of this, our society does not give manufacturing the respect that it deserves. This puts us at risk. There’s a political movement happening right now centered around re-shoring American manufacturing. This is a positive development, but we are about to…More

Get Paid By The Second

We’re used to data being streamed over the internet. Netflix and Spotify let you access movies and music by the second. You don’t need to buy DVDs or CDs to access content. In fact, you don’t even need to download the associated MP4 files onto your device. If you have an internet connection, these providers…More

Government & Software in 2021

The opening of John Palmer’s 2016 post about software & government outlines just how fast the networked world (built with bits) was catching up to the world of atoms in the mid 2010s. His thoughts on government, crypto, and DAO’s feel prescient when read today in 2021. We just went through COVID, and there are…More

2021 Crypto Halftime Report – How Did Predictions Hold Up?

At the beginning of 2021, Soona Amhaz, the founder of Volt Capital, canvassed the crypto investment and operator community for predictions on what the year would bring. After reviewing some of predictions for 2021, I identified some patterns. Of the 44 anecdotes included in Soona’s post: 14 individuals mentioned a directly bullish outlook on BTC.…More

Smart Contracts & Digital Leverage

For the first several hundred years of business, the only way that you could produce a greater level of output was to hire more people. The industrial age brought along another resource – capital. The cotton gin, heavy industrial equipment, and the factory all augmented humans in production. Today, we have even more tools at…More

The Internet, Blockchains, & Wealth Creation in Emerging Markets

One of the more altruistic motivations of the western business world is banking the unbanked 1.7 billion adults who don’t have bank accounts. This is noble, but the opportunity is far larger than financial services for poor countries. After all, what use is a bank account if you don’t have money? What we should really…More

Crypto – A Simple Introduction

Cryptocurrencies give us a way to share and store digital information without a trusted third party. They do this by adding a new layer to information networks – a layer of value and currency. Our financial system and the internet are information networks. For example, your internet search history is data that’s stored and sent…More

Creating a Technologically Literate Society

The world is moving faster than ever. It took thousands of years for humans to build a computer, but once we had computers, we used them to build better computers. Moore’s Law of exponential improvement followed, and now we have computing that gives us superpowers. This progress is still accelerating (Tim Urban has a great…More

The Future of Financial Infrastructure

Fat Protocols, Applied to Finance If crypto can evolve to surpass current financial infrastructure on performance, decentralization, and security, then it could gain widespread global adoption as payment rails. Wealth will be pulled from the modern financial system to the holders of public cryptocurrencies if this happens. Modern Financial Infrastructure Is Outdated The ACH payment…More